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Brilliant Disguise for the Holidays

Two Hands began making Moscato just a few years after the winery’s founding in 1999. Back then, the whole idea tended to strike some people as, well, odd. A bit of a lark, perhaps. Remember, this was before the current Moscato craze. Plus: Moscato from a Shiraz house? But what can we say? There was this fruit from 30- to 50-year-old white Frotignac vines grown in the Barossa Valley, andĀ pressed, fermented, filtered and bottled in quick succession it showed theĀ essence of Moscato, fresh and fun. Anyway, it’s not hard to imagine Brilliant Disguise being a big hit during holiday get-togethers. On its own, or with sweet or savory finger foods plucked off the groaning board, while the fire dances in the hearth and the lights twinkle on the tree. My, but we do get carried away….

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