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Two Hands Shows ‘How Good Aussie Wine Can Be’

The writer David Armstrong visited the Barossa Valley for the San Francisco Chronicle – which features some of the most in-depth wine coverage in the U.S. –  and tells the tale in a new article. And there’s a featured role for Two Hands:

One of the most interesting of the half dozen wineries I visit is Two Hands Wines. Interesting because the wines are so good. Two Hands is known for Shiraz and Grenache. Drinking these wines makes me realize the Aussies keep their best vintages Down Under; the Australian chroniclesupermarket staples with funny animal names that we get Up Over aren’t indicative of how good Aussie wine can be.

Of course, fine wine shops and restaurants in the U.S. do indeed carry these great wines, which are among the most critically acclaimed in the world.

You can see the full article, “South Australia’s Barossa Valley is a lot like Sonoma,” online here.

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