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‘People of Wine’ Features Michael Twelftree

As Milton Wordly explains it, “Over the years photographing the wine industry and on my book ‘A year in the life of Grange’ I met some fascinating people. All with one thing in common. A passion for wine.” He explores their stories on the website People of Wine: 10 Questions, and his latest subject is Two Hands co-founder and proprietor Michael Twelftree. It’s a must-read for Two Hands’ fans, and here’s how it begins, with a link to the full interview down below:

What was your early life like?

I was very fortunate. I grew up with very loving parents. Dad worked very hard, he started a construction company and my mother was a school teacher who taught grade one. We didn’t have a lot of money, we didn’t have a TV or a car – but we had a great family life .

The person who had the most influence on me was my grandfather – he was a market gardener near the Marion Shopping Centre. He couldn’t read or write but he could grow anything. He used to cart grapes by horse and cart up to Penfolds when he was younger.

He spent a lot of time at the pub and he’d always have a couple of long necks at the table at home but he would be up at 5 am every morning to take his fruit and veg to the market. I just used to sit with him in the truck and walk up and down with him at Market. I didn’t think of it much then but the ability to grow something, to understand the seasonal variation, to have that knowledge was so valuable.

I always used to joke that if anyone could have written a book about market gardening it could have been my grandfather.

His knowledge was unbelievable. I just loved spending time with him. Quite often now I will spend all the day in the vineyards and I still have this feeling of attachment like I was a little kid with my grandfather.

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