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Twelftree on Telling a Fresh, More Complex Australia Story

forbes-logoBrian Freedman, writing on the Forbes website, explores “How Premium Australian Wine Is Finding a New Market” in a Jan. 27, 2017 post, and cites Michael Twelftree of Two hands:

Michael Twelftree, Proprietor and Managing Director for Two Hands Wines, told me that one of the issues is that American consumers had been taught that Australian wine was nearly always a value proposition, which created problems with the maturing of the market for the wines in the United States. “We were just pumping millions of cases in [of inexpensive Australian wine], and that’s what the consumer entry point to Australia was. How do we then…get them to go up to that next level and educate them?”

“The education’s the thing that was done the worst, I think,” he added. “I think we haven’t ever spoken about sub-regionality or regionality, we haven’t talked about certain grape varietals other than Shiraz, Shiraz, and Shiraz…And we just keep telling the same story. But I think now we’re starting to get out and hopefully rebuild a story that’s going to [change that].”

Fortunately, Twelftree does see evidence of improvement. He told me that the knowledge of visiting consumers and sommeliers has vastly improved, with more awareness of and appreciation for regional and sub-regional differences.

See the full post here.

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