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The Garden Series: Australian Regionality Reigns Supreme

One grape variety, one vintage, one winemaker – soils and climate are the only way of differentiation. This is the Garden Series, the beating heart of Two Hands Wines, the original inspiration, the raison d’être. A decade and a half after the winery’s founding, with the Garden Series, “We’ve proven that regionality does reign supreme above blending varietals and blending regions together,” proprietor and managing director Michael Twelftree says in this illuminating short video, “Summarising the Garden Series.”

Regional Focus: Langhorne Creek and Harry & Edward’s Garden


Despite a history of winegrowing that stretches back more than a century, Langhorne Creek is now an often overlooked region in Australia among the cognescenti. The World Atlas of Wine explains the conventional thinking: “Today the region is plundered by most of the big companies for its soft, gentle, mouthfilling Shiraz…” With Harry & Edward’s, one of six wines in the Shiraz Garden Series, Two Hands brings a missionary zeal to upending that perception and showing Langhorne Creek’s true colors. “The great vineyards are still there, the style is still there and it’s up to people like us to get out there and talk Langhorne Creek up because I think it is such a distinctive wine that really does fit perfectly into our Garden Series,” says Michael Twelftree. Learn more in the video below.