The Picture Series, presented under unique and irreverent names and personalities, is Two Hands’ collection of varietal wines that deliver regional and varietal distinctiveness.


ANGELS SHARE SHIRAZ MCLAREN VALE  Barrels are not completely airtight. The delicate interplay with outside air is what allows wine to evolve. It’s also what allows a small amount – the angels’ share – to evaporate as the wine matures. But don’t worry, bottles of Angels Share get the full 750 ml allotment, and show assertive aromas of blackberry, bramble and white pepper, and dark fruit and fine tannins on the palate. The best attributes of McLaren Vale Shiraz.


BRILLIANT DISGUISE MOSCATO BAROSSA VALLEY  Two Hands began making Moscato just a few years after the winery’s founding in 1999, after happening upon fruit from 30- to 50-year-old white Frotignac vines grown in the Barossa Valley, that when pressed, fermented, filtered and bottled in quick succession showed the essence of Moscato: fresh, fun and irresistible.


FIELDS OF JOY SHIRAZ CLARE VALLEY Lifted, welcoming, red fruited with multi-dimensional bouquets, deft mouthfeel and a core of soft fruits on a graceful finish.


GNARLY DUDES SHIRAZ BAROSSA VALLEY  Inspired by the mature vines that provide the grapes, and the classic Jeff Bridges character, “The Dude,” in The Big Lebowski. Why? Because if His Dudeness wasn’t so f—ing partial to White Russians he would deeply abide this wine’s rich flavors of spice, black pepper, raspberry and plum.


HOPES & DREAMS RED WINEMAKERS BLEND The road that links Two Hands winery, vineyards and cellar door is called “The Avenue of Hopes and Dreams” and is lined with 100 year old date palms. This is a traditional Barossa Valley with layers of red currant, raspberry, crushed lavender, and spice. Fresh and vibrant with a crisp acidity.


SEXY BEAST CABERNET SAUVIGNON MCLAREN VALE  If you got it, flaunt it. The palate is where this wine really shines, bursting forth with a build, detail and density rarely seen from a McLaren Vale Cabernet.